Men wear t-shirts. White ones. Their whole life. And if possible, the same ones. Via Witteboorden you'll never have to go shopping for new t-shirts anymore. In short it’s TheUltimateFathersDayPrezzie®. For only €24! 

Let us explain... Briefly, because it’s easy. Via Witteboorden you can try out a ‘two-pack’. 2 T-shirts made out of beautiful, soft organic cotton with a nice cut. Not too tight, but certainly not a ‘flappy-shirt’ either. Once you've ordered, the shirts land in your mailbox shortly afterwards. Do you like them? Great. Then just sign up for a subscription.

And when your shirts are worn out, you can send them back (washed) and they'll make sure your shirt will be recycled! The perfect Strawberry-circle! Easy, clear, affordable and ‘berry-proof’. 

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