Hej! Jag kommer till Skandinavien! Yep. This is Google and I'm practicing Swedish because in one week I’m driving up north for some quality time in nature.

First I’m going to Copenhagen: city of bikes. Sorry Amsterdam, but with over 390 kilometres of designed bike lanes, you’ve got some serious competition here...

Then I'll be spending time in Swedish nature, but no glam eco-lodges for me, because my tent needs company too! After that it's on to Stockholm where I've heard about Hammarby Sjöstad: an eco-town within Stockholm that has become the showpiece of the city’s environmental ambitions. All of this town's 300,000 residents are living the green dream. 

Via Gothenburg I head back to Denmark with a few days left to explore the beaches of Skagen and Liseleje. But, to make the best out of my Strawberry road trip, I need more tips. Do you have recommendations for restaurants in Copenhagen or Stockholm? Or do you know any great getaways in Denmark or Sweden? You’d make my holiday. Tack!

Illustration by Anna See