Is it sheep? Or is it cow? No, it’s Herbast! And it’s the meat of one of the animals Dutch Designer Marije Vogelzang invented as a reaction to meat substitutes in supermarkets.

Schnitzels, burgers and fillets: supermarkets offer a lot of soy based products that look and (sometimes) taste like meat. But eating ‘ham’ without a pig is like eating a 'soulless food', Marije thought. That’s why she created new 'vegetarian animals' with their own habitat, lifestyle and diet. 

A small introduction: meet Herbast. This plant eater has flavoured meat and an herb fur-coat that also works as a camouflage against predators. 

Ponti lives in empty volcanoes that cause its roasted taste. You can hold his stiff tail while eating him and keep your fingers clean. Smart snacking!

Get to know all real vegetarian animals on Marije’s nice illustrated website. It made me smile and....hungry!