I am an eco-friendly person. Really. But I have a confession to make. Actually, there are three. Here we go:

1. I cannot eat this chocolate spread anymore and it has nothing to do with the taste. It tastes great. It’s the name. Having this Bon Jovi song in my head every lunch is just not good for my appetite.

2. I try to buy organic products all the time, but no toilet paper. I think I have been traumatised in elementary school. Their recycled toilet paper felt like sandpaper. Every. Single. Time. It sure was eco-friendly, but not for the butt...

3. Sometimes I just buy a product for its packaging. The organic LØV tea for example. It has a bird! A good reason to grab my wallet.

What do you have to eco-nfess? Psssst....

Illustration by Nan Lawson.