It's solar panel time!


It's solar panel time!

Hello sunshine! Time to decorate your house with solar panels right here and right now. Why? Because, solar energy = ‘strawberry’ energy and you can also save money with your solar roof! 

And there are more reasons to hurry up and get solar panels:

- tick tock! The national allowance of € 650 for solar panels has almost come to an end 

- the taxes on installation are rising fast

Convinced? Check to find out if your house qualifies for solar panels and to see how many panels could fit on your roof. And discover which local installers are recommended too.

And just for doing this check you also have a shot of winning a Waka Waka lamp - we've got 5 to give away! With this solar led-lamp you can enjoy at least 16 hours of reading light. Handy when you’re out camping, when you suffer a power outage or when you find yourself in bed with a good novel.


1. do the roofcheck at

2. apply for a non-binding quote

3. have of a shot of winning 1 out of 5 WakaWaka lamps!

Good luck!