Take a trip down memory lane


Take a trip down memory lane

Close your eyes. Take a bite. Enjoy your trip down Memory Lane!

For my personal trip back in time, I took the train to Rotterdam. It’s the city where I studied and lived for five years. And in my absence, a new culinary hangout was found: Memory Lane.

Memory Lane is a place taken care off. It also shows in the typography, which reveals the unusual menu. No BLT sandwiches or goat cheese salads. Fine French cuisine is being served. And it tasted formidable.

Stuffed and satisfied, I had a chat with owner Bas. He told me about French writer Marcel Proust. In Proust’s novel ‘In search of lost times’ there’s a famous scene where the narrator takes a bite of a madeleine. It takes him back to the French countryside, where his aunt used to give him tea-sipped madeleines.

That’s the power of food. Memory Lane makes powerful food like this with local, seasonal products. Back in Amsterdam I kept on thinking about this great story.

Fancy a trip down Memory Lane yourself? Here’s the address.