Super gardening course!


Super gardening course!

Attention all Amsterdammers (and Berliners): get ready to enjoy your balcony, garden or roof terrace to the fullest with this private gardening training session from Cityplot!

Cityplot’s talented green-fingered team will come to you with soil, pots and seeds for your 2 hour training session on how to become a super gardener! 

The Cityplotters will explain how you can easily grow your favourite veggies, herbs, edible flowers and berries. After that they’ll make a ‘crop plan’ based on ‘companion planting’. That means that every plant has a positive effect on another plant. This way you’re able to eat delicious goodies from your own garden all year round.

The Cityplotters have a very handy information package for you too plus you can always check ask the online Cityplot community if you need help in the future. Their training is given in Dutch and English.

So, time to get cracking in the garden and get back to nature: “Me Jane, You Tarzan! OEHAAAHAWOEHAAAA!!!”

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