A revolution in a cup


A revolution in a cup

Last Sunday I visited the Neighbour Food Market. At this market they sell lots of local food, and every plate has a 'strawberry story' :-) I had a chat with Debritu from Moyee Coffee and what they do, is definitely our cup of, uh, coffee.

Right now, 99,9% of all Ethiopian coffee hops on a plane as a dried, green bean. In western countries the beans get roasted, raising the retail price to over 6 times the bean’s original value.

Moyee wants to change this global coffee chain into a FairChain. How? By investing in a coffee roastery, packing equipment and education. So hopefully by June 2013, the farmers can take care of everything: from picking the beans by hand to getting the coffee into your cup.

Supporting Moyee is easy: just drink  their coffee. I had a sip and I must say: it sure is a revolution in a cup.