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Join hub learn

Do you want to contribute to a ‘strawberry earth’? But don’t know how? Then it’s time to join the Hub Learning Program!

Ok, you know what you are good at and you enjoy your job. But… you’d like to use your skills to contribute to a better world. Then this course is exactly your thing!

The course is called “Does the world need a re-design?!” and it’s perfect for all professionals who want to contribute to a more social and/or sustainable world. In other words… a ‘strawberry earth’! Over 8 weeks you’ll explore how you can use your talents to the fullest and contribute to a better world.

Course participants can follow 3 modules:

The Story of Stuff: how global systems of productions and waste are being re-designed; DIY Economy: the revolution of the sharing economy; and Tech4Good: how technology is shaping our world for the better.

Please note: you could also choose to follow these modules individually. In a group of (maximum) 20 people you’ll meet successful sustainable entrepreneurs and get all the tools you need to design the new world. You’ll also go on road trips to different inspirational start-ups, businesses and non-profit organisations with the great people from Professional Rebel!

Sounds pretty amazing right?

The course starts on 10 May 2013. Check out the whole schedule here Normally the price for this program would be €950,-. But you guys can take part in the pilot first edition for €575,- (ex VAT) or €450,- for Hub-members The program will take place in the HUB Amsterdam & on the road

Are you interested, but not sure if you want to sign up yet? Please email Tamar Berger: tamar.berger[AT] or call +31(0)20 427 4283 for more information.

Want to sign up now? Please sign up here.