One day without shoes!


One day without shoes!

Tomorrow you can take your shoes off! Ok, you can do this any day, but tomorrow you should do it. Because it's the official "One Day Without Shoes" initiated by the great shoe brand TOMS.

All over the world there are millions of children who don't have shoes and therefore get all kinds off health problems. One Day Without Shoes want all people to know about this problem and change this!

TOMS is helping children in need on a day-to-day basis. When you buy a pair of TOMS, they'll make sure a child without shoes, get's a pair too. So they are changing the world, shoe by shoe. 

So do you want to kick your shoes off and join the "One Day Without Shoes" event tomorrow? It starts at 15:00 sharp at Brouwersgracht 224 in Amsterdam. Be on time so you can get a nice decoration on your feet!

Please send an email to join the tour to: rsvp[AT]