Tumble down the rabbit hole


Tumble down the rabbit hole

Here's a beguiling idea for a shop: Name it after a bizarre line from a Lewis Carroll poem and fill the shelves with the kind of handmade nicknacks and oddball curiosities you might find in Alice's Wonderland. Add to the quirk by featuring designers with names like Sewsmitten, Honksville, All Cats Are Grey and Yewkibee in a Tree.

Cap it all off by opening up in Stoke Newington, a faraway-sounding area of North London that doesn't have a tube stop, so still qualifies as 'off the beaten track'.

The result is Of Cabbages & Kings, a charming little weirdo of a place. Yup, it's twee - but in the best possible way.

Most of the stuff is handmade by designers from London and the South East. Reclaimed, re purposed and recycled products are very well represented. There is plenty of artwork with a distinctly London flavour – such as Vic Lee's street prints, or designs by Ideas Dreamed Up By The Regents Canal. The shops also acts as a gallery for a new artist each month.

Best time to visit:

You can visit the shop during normal hours, but I'd recommend heading up to Stoke Newington for the Of Cabbages & Kings Market Days. These are the first weekend of the month, every month starting in March. Free entry and all that jazz.

Even though there's no tube stop, you don't need to tumble down a rabbit hole to get there. Hop on a bus instead.