Indigo roosters denim exhibition


Indigo roosters denim exhibition

Yesterday I bumped into the stunning denim exhibition of Indigo Roosters in the great design shop HARVEST & Co in Amsterdam. You'll find a very special collection of lovely printed shawls and scarves, ancient kimono's, wonderful rare textiles and much more! 

The exhibition is an initiative of two of the most creative guys in the denim world: Miles Johnson and Victor Sandberg. 

Miles: “The exhibit consists of indigo textiles and clothing from all over the world, which we’ve both collected on our travels from the past 8 years."

You can check out the exhibition in the HARVEST & Co store in Amsterdam. In the store you'll find beautiful vintage furniture, lamps and design items.  And....on top of that you'll find a great coffee bar called Headfirst with delicious coffee! 

So 3 good reasons to check this place out! 

Photo's by: Nicole Francesca Manfron.