Strawberry fashion news!


Strawberry fashion news!

Our very own Green Film Making Competition ambassador, Thekla Reuten, is opening H&M's new "Conscious Experience” on 19 March in Amsterdam.

The Conscious Experience is an initiative dedicated to show what H&M is doing to make their business more sustainable. The main focus points in the Experience will be water, materials and recycling. The Conscious Experience is temporarly and will be open until the 31th of March.

We think these ‘strawberry moves’ are steps worth celebrating, so we're going to give the launch of the Conscious Experience a little strawberry twist. Strawberry Earth will release a limited edition series of t-shirts designed in collaboration with one of our fave illustrators Kim Welling.

The very first silk screen print of this unique Strawberry design will be made by Thekla Reuten to officially open the Conscious Experience!

The day after the opening, you're all invited to bring an old t-shirt to the Conscious Experience at Kalverstraat 101 in Amsterdam. You'll get a free brand new silkscreen print made using water based ink, so your old shirt will feel like ‘new’ again! This is the start of a bigger recycling program that H&M is launching worldwide. 

Come and check it out and don't forget to bring an old shirt!