Beauty salon Ekelogical is known for giving pampering massages and heavenly facials. But something not everybody knows is that Ekelogical also does spec-ta-cular hair styling! 

Ekelogical’s owner, Eke, isn’t just an expert on Strawberry proof skincare products but also a great hair stylist. She can do ANYTHING with your hair. From stunning braids to something radiant and glamourous. 

So, do you have a party to go to or do you want to surprise your colleagues with a show stopping haircut? Oh yeah! We’re give away a ‘hair-makeover’ session at Ekelogical. To win, just email with a description and/or photo of your dream hairdo. Goodbye bad hair day!  

And if you’re at Ekelogical anyway, you might as well check out their beauty products, including lines like: Oolaboo, Esse Organics and Africa Organics. All products that make us smile at Strawberry Earth!