We have something to confess… we’re addicts! Because we’re addicted to the lush chocolate bars from Chocolate Makers

Chocolate Maker founders Rodney and Enver take their profession very seriously. They don’t only make super tasty chocolate, but also have an impressive –Strawberry- way of working, take a look at the gorillas on their wrapping paper for a hint…

Their “Gorilla bars” are made using cocoa from the Democratic Republic of Congo, home to the last mountain gorillas in the world. Because the gorillas’ habitat is threatened by man, cocoa plants have been planted on the edge of their territory. These organic cocoa plants help locals make a living and help ensure the gorillas are left in peace. So, by eating a “Gorilla bar” you’re contributing to the survival of mountain gorillas!

There is no such thing as garbage according to the smart guys behind the “Gorilla bars”. The shells of their cocoa beans go to a garden in Waterland yo be used as compost. Plus the wrapping paper they use is printed with bio ink. Pretty good huh! And where can you find those tasty bars? Right here!