20 percent discount at Ari!


20 percent discount at Ari!

Is your home ready for a make-over in 2013? Then Ari is your man! And Strawberry fans get a big discount this week! How? 

That’s super simple. Just walk into Ari’s place on Overtoom 532 in Amsterdam and whisper the word “strawberry” in his ear. Then you’ll receive a 20% discount on any piece of furniture you want - from stunning 1950s dressoirs and design lamps to a fun crochet of a German shepherd!

Ari hunts for beautiful furniture throughout The Netherlands and Eastern Europe. The result is an abundance of big and small things for your home. 

We’re big fans of Ari because: 

-Ari dislikes the word “vintage”, he refers to his goodies as “second hand”
-Ari’s beautiful collection is very reasonably priced
-Ari collects so much that you get the feeling you can ‘discover’ an item yourself
-You literally have to climb a mountain of chairs and         cabinets to reach for that one special little vase you’ve set your heart on
-Ari’s motto: Be Nice Or Go Away!

Happy hunting (and climbing)!