Sweet dreams with coco-mat!


Sweet dreams with coco-mat!

To celebrate our 4th anniversary this week, we have a very exclusive deal from Coco-Mat: a dream bed (worth €8500,-) plus a €1500 voucher to spend on luxury linens, duvets, pillows and more of your choice. What a treat!  

Morpheus may have been the Greek God of Sleep but we know even he would have snapped up this deal for a complete Coco-Mat 4 layer bed including:

- Bed-mattress (Pyrros): with ergnonomic slats and several layers of natural rubber and coconut fibres

- Mattress (Atlas): hypoallergenic and handmade using horse hair, seaweed and cactus fibres

- Top-mattress (Iviskos): to intensify the effect of the mattress

- Topper (Kyriaki): a luxurious extra layer made with goosedown

- Bed stands: made from oak

- PLUS a voucher for €1500 to spend in the Coco-Mat store! So you can kit yourself out with all the beautiful duvets, pillows and linens you need.

So, why are we making such a big fuss about Coco-Mat beds and bedding? Simple, they’re awesome from top to toe. Curious? There's  just ONE available! Check out our special deal here.