Strawberry party in Edel!


Strawberry party in Edel!

Yay! It's our 4th anniversary(!) Join us on November 21 for a night of Strawberry inspiration in Amsterdam’s freshly restyled, Edel. Expect a delicious dinner, impressive speakers, awesome prezzies and a very Strawberry afterparty! 

Time sure flies when you're having lots of fun. After nearly 4 years of blogging, organising events and most recently launching Strawberry Deals, we thought it was time to celebrate a little. So, we're organising a cosy get together in the newly refurbished Amsterdam restaurant, Edel.

The Edel team cook with passion and authenticity, they use seasonal and locally found ingredients and Chef Tim Groenendijk is a master of daring and creative cooking with… vegetables! 

Wanna join us? Click here!