Gunter pauli in paradiso!


Gunter pauli in paradiso!

Blue is the new green! Visionary and sustainable entrepreneur Gunter Pauli has written a groundbreaking new book: “Blue Economy” explaining how ‘green’ thinking needs to move a stage further. On 4 November Premsela invites Gunter Pauli to give a talk in Paradiso, Amsterdam! 

How about growing mushrooms on coffee mud, design a battery free mobile phone or replacing steel by silk? These are all examples of a “Blue Economy”.  

Pauli is a real eco-entrepeneur, he led the environmentally friendly cleaning product company Ecover. And after that he founded  ZERI (Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives) – an international platform challenging creatives to help solve world problems. They look at waste as fuel and nature as a source of inspiration.

Premsela is eager to share these inspirational ideas with you and we’ve got 2 tickets to give away! To win the tickets and join Strawberry Earth in Paradiso, tell us your idea for a different economy. Mail your idea to