Fur? Not quite. This is 100% real fake fur, made out of hemp and recycled plastic. Even the water resistant coating of a Hoodlamb coat is sustainable. Perfect for winter and totally Strawberry approved! 

As a response to the often wasteful and polluting fashion industry, Hoodlamb, an urban fashion label from the 'high north of Amsterdam', started to promote stylish and sustainable fashion.

Their collection has been worn by Snoop Dogg, Michael Franti and The Fun Lovin' Criminals, and even the crew members of Sea Shepherd, who protect and defend the wildlife and ecosystems of the sea, also proudly wear Hoodlamb.

Fancy getting your hands on a Hoodlamb item yourself? Easy, just visit their new webshop. And when you order Sea Shepherd’ items, Hoodlamb donates up to €10 per order to these Shepherds of the Sea. Fur-tastic!