Urban squeeze gardening


Urban squeeze gardening

Welcome to the Urban Squeeze: no space, no plants, no chance. The Squeeze means we green-fingered city types have to find creative ways to cram a garden into an apartment.

Thankfully, plenty of designers have come to the rescue. While I may not take the "cress on a stack of old Manga comics" approach of Japanese designer Koshi Kawachi (above), other ideas have got me thinking.

For example, several designers offer cool ceramic wall-mounted mini-gardens, like the Vertilignes pod above. For you Etsy fans, check out the Greenwalls from Netherlands-based Gingko Studios.

I also like the Yourban Garden concept from French design student Ariane Prin.

You may have heard of the Windowfarms project. They're great, but a word of advice: follow the instructions carefully unless you want a wet carpet, filthy windows and an angry girlfriend. Which I assume you don't.

At their best, they look can look like the version below (via Ars Electronica). At their worst they look like last prize in a child's science project contest.

What about you? Any tips for creating indoor gardens without resorting to massive yucca plants or filling the bath with dirt?