Brain candy forcurious minds

Sometimes finding quality information on the interwebs it is like fishing a dropped ring out of a sewer grate. 

That's why I love resources for inspirational thinking such as TED. But here's another one for your bookmarks folder: Open Culture is a growing collection of videos, free courses, essays, books and audio downloads for thinkers and doers (i.e. Strawberry people). 

You can find free eco-conscious films like The Story of Stuff and the strange, visually stunning Koyaanisqatsi to watch (guilt free!) online. Plus all kinds of lectures, such as:

Stephen Hawking on fleeing the Earth to avoid extinction.

Legendary photographer Ansel Adams on his relationship with nature.

Literary heavyweights like Jonathan Franzen and Salman Rushdie talking about the environment.

If you're feeling particularly ambitious, educate yourself via 300 free university modules, including short courses on environmental justice, environmental philosophy or environmental law – as well as everything from literature to economics.

The site is curated by Dan Colman from Stanford University's Continuing Studies Program – which I guess gives it the stamp of reliability. I can forgive the Google ads - a site's gotta make money somehow.

So, bring on the mind expansion. Someday I want a brain so big it wedges in doorways. (Or at least fills the skull it currently rattles around in...)