Build a little birdhousein your soul


Build a little birdhousein your soul

Between dodging savage neighbourhood cats and sudden unexplained mass deaths, birds have it pretty rough these days. So why not treat our feathered friends to stylish new digs like the “Billbirdhouse” made from recycled Dutch billboards (above).

Or, there's LondonFieldWorks' “Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven” - which is kind of a fancy name for loads of birdboxes clustered round a tree. In London.



If you're feeling cruel, mess with their little feathered heads and give them a non-birdhouse looking birdhouse like this



But, maybe you've always wanted to give the blue canary in the outlet by the lightswitch who watches over you a cuter place to sleep. If so, maybe this cosy number from Dutch designers Ontwerpduo is a good fit for your garden?

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