Dine out different in 2011


Dine out different in 2011

Restaurants. Pfft – they're so 2010.

Instead of ordering a plate of loveless food dumped onto my table by a bitter aspiring screenwriter, I wanna try one of many quirky alternatives...

Talk with your mouth full

Value the flow of ideas as much as the wine? Every month, Swedish art collective Fluxus invites 12 people to a dinner party. Boring chat about the weather, TV and your job is banned. (The next event is on the 26th Jan in Stockholm.)

Become a guinea pig

I once got my hair cut at a student hairdressers in Texas for a dollar and ended up looking like Forrest Gump's slower brother. Still, the chefs at LA's Test Kitchen are somewhat more skilled, offering up experimental trial dishes for cut prices. 

Popup you don't stop

How about joining Hel Yes, a bunch of creative Finnish design mavericks with a penchant for good food? Their quirky, gothic popup restaurants in Helsinki and (sometimes) London are as much art as appetiser. Or try the Savoy Truffle Supperclub and eat top quality nosh in unlikely London locations. 

Make your picnics public

We have a lot of time for the Youth Food Movement at Strawberry Earth. I'm up for eating gorgeous ethical grub in the sunshine at one of their lovely looking Eat-In picnics.

Mix with Mr. Social

If you're visiting Paris, why not eat with a man who's probably had more people round for dinner than Gatsby. Jim Haynes has entertained strangers at his home every Sunday since the 1970s. You could end up eating next to anyone from a political cartoonist to a swimsuit model. Vive la difference. 

What about you? Any foodie plans for 2011?

Image from: Fluxshop