What did you do in 2010?

...Organically fertilise your mind at the Dutch Environmental Film Festival?

...Eat a slice of canned unicorn meat for breakfast?

...Follow the TED Commandments and not flout thy eco, but reveal thy curiosity and passion?

...Send a random gift to some random person in some random town in some random country on this random, crazy globe?

...Wear a blue raincoat, stand in the drizzle and become part of a Thom Yorke living sculpture for Earth 350?

...Party with the bright and eco-fabulous until your party glands burst at Strawberry Earth Wonderland?

...Inhale the ceramic dust created by 100 million handmade sunflower seeds crunched under foot?

...Embrace the freaks of nature?

...Wear the same outfit for 365 days without frightening your friends or stinking out public transport?

...Take a functional, dull lump of urban nothingness and make into something playful and hip?

...Join an Eat-in – the flash mob of food.

...Put the people to the pedal, not the pedal to the metal.

...Mix with the renegades in the underground guerilla wool dens of Paris and London? (And possibly devise plans for the Cuddly Revolution.)

...Help a Peruvian entrepreneur set up a cosmetics store without leaving your bedroom?

...Become so obsessed with Japanese design that you consider changing your name to Tokyo McMinimalist.

Well? Did you do any of these things in 2010? If you did, tell us about it. If you didn't, no worries - 2011's just around the corner. Make it a memorable one.