A crazy frenchman and his bees

The International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam is underway and yesterday I moderated a Q&A with the film director of 'Queen of the Sun: What are the bees telling us?'. The documentary explores what the global bee crisis means for the future of humanity. There are lots of interesting speakers like philosophers, scientists, industrial and organic beekeepers but that's part of the reason the film didn't completely work for me. So many thoughts and perspectives meant that it was a bit all over the place and lacked focus. The clip I've posted is one of many very short scenes that make up the movie - it's a shame the film never quite goes into enough depth. Nevertheless, I would recommend watching it because it does have a positive, pro-active and solutions focussed ending - the hallmarks of a good Strawberry Earth film. There's even a call for all of us to start our own backyard beehives! We have our eye on another bee film for the Strawberry Earth Film Festival in 2011.
"In the meantime, we've picked out 5 tips from the film about what we can all do to help the honeybee:
1) Grow flowers, plants and herbs to help provide food for bees.
2) Eliminate pesticides in your garden and lawn.
3) Bees are thirsty. Provide a continuous shallow basin with clean water in your garden.
4) Buy directly from a local beekeeper who avoids chemicals and produces raw honey.
5) Eat organic and pesticide free food."