17 Global Goals


17 Global Goals

Hi berries, sorry about the radio silence! We’ve been very busy with the launch of the campaign '17 doelen die je deelt', initiated by Anne-Marie Rakhorst and created by our creative agency!

In 2015 193 world leaders of The United Nations signed up to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, a series of ambitious targets to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice and fix climate change, for everyone! The 17 Globas Goals are a map to a sustainable, social and righteous world in 2030.

What can you do?

On 17doelendiejedeelt.nl 17 kids share their ideas about the world in 2030. Watch the videos of the 17 future ‘world leaders’ and share them with all your friends. Let’s make it happen!

17doelendiejedeelt.nl is an initiative of entrepreneur Anne-Marie Rakhorst. She wants to make sure everyone is aware of the 17 Global Goals and wants to stimulate the Netherlands to use all knowledge and talent to achieve these goals.