Book tip: Think Big, Act Now


Book tip: Think Big, Act Now

Babette Porcelijn is an industrial designer and yet her latest work is a book: 'De Verborgen Impact' shows a complete overview of the impact that the 'western' lifestyle has on the planet. The book launches this friday at Pakhuis de Zwijger and you are welcome to join the party.

"Our hidden impact appears to be greater than our visible impact. If you do not know the impact of our daily habits on the planet, you can not solve the problem", says author Babette Porcelijn.

Together with TU Delft Porcelijn came up with an Impact Top 10 which shows the impact of our daily life on the climate, nature and the environment. Did you know that we have the biggest impact on our precious planet with 'just' buying stuff? And that we would have to plant fifty times the original forests to compensate for our CO2 emissions since 1750?

'De Verborgen Impact' gives you tools to map your own ecological footprint and - o f c o u r s e - tips and tricks on how to safe our planet.