BUGS: new film!

BUGS is a Danish-Dutch documentary about the quest for the worlds tastiest insects and recipes to help make insects part of our western menu.

Worldwide over two billion people eat insects on a daily basis, but in Europe a lot of people seem to disapprove of this habit. And according to the Danish Nordic Food Lab (the well known restaurant NOMA is at the heart of this Lab) that is a shame.


The UN sees consuming insects as part of the solution for the global food crisis, chefs appreciate the animals for their taste and scientist praise their nutrition. And yet most Europeans seem to disapprove of this habit.

In BUGS you travel along and become part of the quest: the glorified termite queen, sweet honey ants in Kenya, worm tacos in Mexico and hornets in Japan: you might no longer consider them insects, but flying/crawling delicacies.

BUGS premiers Friday 20 May in De Balie In Amsterdam - where you can meet the Head Chef Nordic Food Lab Roberto Flore and taste insects afterwards with our friends from Bugzz. From 26 May you can watch BUGS in theaters across The Netherlands. Are you up for it?