HIHAHUT: cabins for outdoor adventures


HIHAHUT: cabins for outdoor adventures

Imagine: gazing at the stars in your own cabin. Having your own watchtower in the middle of nowhere for a day, or sleeping in a cabin that's slowly rocking on a picturesque lake. HIHAHUT lets you discover the beautiful countryside of The Netherlands. Go on an outdoor micro-adventure with HIHAHUT by booking your first trip via One Planet Crowd!

HIHAHUT creates a network of design-cabins, connected by existing hiking, cycling and water routes. You can travel from hut to hut, along the most scenic routes and HIHAHUT can even provide tandem bicycles, rowing-boats and canoes for you. And your reward for a day of travelling in the open air? A unique two-person cabin waiting for you, especially designed for the landscape in which it is placed!

Comfort of a hotel room in nature

The team behind HIHAHUT tries to create unique experiences for people who love being outdoors but also like the comfort of a hotel room. The result is a cabin with comfortable beds, a kitchen, table and stools, a warm shower, a (compost)toilet and electricity for charging your phone and camera.

Off Grid

HIHAHUT want to create comfort while being self-sufficient and off grid at the same time. So, solar energy is used for electronic devices and a watering-treatment system makes sure no waste ends up in nature. Extra services HIHAHUT provides are breakfast, lunch and dinner boxes with local goodies, plus a solar powered minibar.

HIHAHUT started life as a graduation project from a student at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Anne Beuk. She wanted to show the outside world the beauty of the Dutch flatlands where she grew up. A year after graduation Anne asked Marga de Jong and Toine van Bostelen to join HIHAHUT and hey presto, a concept had become a reality!

Meet the three awesome people behind HIAHUT here.