The Conscious Club: New Green Hotspot!


The Conscious Club: New Green Hotspot!

Want to become more zen? Simple. Go to The Conscious Club! It is the new sustainable oasis in Amsterdam and we love it!

The ladies behind The Conscious Club met in Thailand - all zen - and came to the conclusion that it was actually a bit odd that they needed to go to the other side of the world to find peace. They missed a place with this Thai energy in their hometown, soooo... They built it themselves!


The next step? Not only create a sacred place, but also build it as sustainably as possible. The Conscious Club has solar panels on the rooftop, clay plaster on the walls for a healthy indoor environment and tables that are made from 300 year old floorboards (from the Westertoren)! Now that is what we call upcycling ;-)

The Conscious Club_Mo_Barends_095.jpg

Their yoga classes are even on eco friendly yoga mats. And they offer Thai boxing, meditation and Qigong as well. On top of that The Conscious Club also programme workshops, for instance one with hands-on tips on how to refurbish your own home in a sustainable way.

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If we haven't convinced you by now, then go there for their 'relish' breakfast and Thai coffee. Did we say Thai? O yes; they're the first spot in Amsterdam that serves a premium Thai blend.

Hop to the Conscious Club! We might see you there ;-)