Forget plastic toys, get a HULKI!

Which one are you going to pick; the owl, whale or turtle? We love them all! HULKI is a playhouse for children and a green alternative for all these plastic bad boys from the toyshop. Buy one and support them on Kickstarter!

Sometimes it is such a shame not to be a child anymore...How much fun would it be to hide in one of these HULKI's!

After working in the design industry for years, the founders of HULKI Jasper and Thijs realized there was a very large gap in design & eco friendliness in the world of toys.

As parents they felt more and more bad for the enormous stack of plastic toys that end up on landfills. Most plastic toys are not biodegradable and not get collected for recycling. Time for an eco-friendly, good looking alternative! The HULKI's are just that: made out of recyclable cardboard.

HULKI's come with audio stories

To make it extra cosy inside your cardboard animal you can listen to audio story's from the app that comes with a HULKI. Or choose one of the educational games. Like 'Reef Cleanup': a game where you need to collect rubbish out of the reef surface with an electric powered submarine. So, whilst playing, your children also become the 'eco-heroes' of the future.

But the best thing about a HULKI is you can hide from your parents! Or your partner. Or just read a book. Ah well, who said the HULKI is only for children anyway?!76894c9ef6e19b8766587c265da0419d4ae69e92