Tiny House Movement coming your way!

image:  Hans Peter Föllmi © I see for you

Tiny House Movement coming your way!

O this tiny house movement. We really dig it and on paper Marie Kondo is our guru - but we have to admit: we just love a lot of the stuff that surrounds us.

But! For the people who are already adjusted to living with less, Tiny Tim might be your favourite crib. This little house is equipped with two little windmills and solar panels and allows you to live off-the-grid.

Tiny Tim is 100% self sufficient when it comes to energy and this is what makes Tiny Tim truly unique: it has a green wall on the outside that purifies the water that is being used inside. That is: shower water, washing water AND urine. That's right: through a system of planters and water tanks all of this water is made potable again.

Want to meet this Tim that everyone seems to be talking about? Go meet him until June 26 at Fabcity in Amsterdam.

PS. You can meet the team behind Tim here, and follow Tims adventures on his Facebookpage.