New cookbook from Instock


New cookbook from Instock

Instock is a restaurant in Amsterdam that puts food waste on the agenda. It serves delicious dishes with rescued food - food that otherwise would go to waste. With their new cookbook you can become a master chef with rescued food yourself. You can order the cook book here and join the book launch party this Friday!


Did you know that we throw away 47 kilo food away per person every year? The ingredients Instock uses for their products are collected every morning, with their electrical 'food rescue car'. Tat way ,the ‘harvest of the day’ remains a surprise.

With their cook book you can learn how to tackle wasting food and make amazing dishes! You learn everything about old school preserving techniques like: pickle, ferment, freeze and smoke food. Over ripe bananas get a second life as chips and if you pickle a cucumber you can keep it for a long time as a tasty side dish.

Experimenting with your leftovers is not just saving food, it's also damn tasty! And - no detail - Instock makes it easy peasy.

Happy cooking!