Fashion Event: Beyond Green

image:  Martijn van Strien

Fashion Event: Beyond Green

Circle Economy is teaming up with the Amsterdam Fashion Institute to launch an annual symposium on the future of fashion: Beyond Green: Pace Yourself.

Beyond Green uses the collective power of students and industry to tackle critical issues in the fashion system. New and established minds will come together to push the boundaries of what we know, and what we dare to imagine.

The symposium will explore the pace of the industry, and challenge our polarized conceptions of 'fast' and 'slow' fashion. Do these terms refer to speed or quality? Does 'fast' necessarily mean unsustainable? How can 'slow' turn a healthy profit? Must we choose between them?

You can join the seminar for a afternoon of inspiration!

With: Elin Larsson (Director of Sustainability Filippa K), Gwen Cunningham (Project Manager Circular Textiles Program at Circle Economy), Martijn van Strien (Founder Post Couture Collective).