Sprinklr makes our grey city green!


Sprinklr makes our grey city green!

Sprinklr brings a green revolution to the city and it starts on your balcony! Support Sprinklr with their crowdfunding campaign and help them with their green mission. In return you'll get a seasonal box with sustainably grown plants, vegetables and herbs plus access to the Sprinklr app that helps you maintain them. Handy!


Do you love plants, but often accidentally kill them? Then Sprinklr is just what you need. This energetic green-loving start-up from Amsterdam delivers seasonal boxes with sustainably grown herbs, vegetables and plants. With the garden coach-app from Sprinklr it’s easy to let your plants live happily ever after.

Sprinklr app

Googling garden tips is no longer necessary. Neither is calling your mum for advice. The Sprinklr app sends a message every time your plants need a little water, care or attention. If you have a question about your plant, the app makes it easy to send a message with photo to an expert.

Sustainable & organic

Sprinklr only collaborates with small organic growers. It's their mission to contribute to the biodiversity of the city. For the outside plant box Sprinklr works with organic growers like Nico Zonneveld, De Lindenhoff and Kwekerij van Houtum. For the inside plant box Sprinklr's partners are Klein Mexico and other pioneers in sustainable growing with the FFFP certificate.

Let's make our city green by supporting Sprinklr.

And...become a plant whisperer...!