Working in nature


Working in nature

Are you desperate to escape the crazy buzz of the city? Is nature calling your name? Then grab your laptop and hurry to one of KantoorKaravaan's off grid mobile offices, in the middle of nowhere! Become zen. Inhale fresh air. And finally get all that work done!

KantoorKaravaan is an initiative from The Tipping Point and offers you a workplace in the middle of nature, an experience combining your professional life with an inspirational touch of wilderness. Designed as a mobile off-grid workplace, KantoorKaravaan sets up camp at various locations in the countryside.

But first things first. Before you can choose between all these wonderful natural hotspots, KantoorKaravaan needs a kick-start. You can invest here in your future workspace from 4 April until 31 May.

What will the workspaces be like I hear you ask...

- They'll be fully equipped with Wi-Fi internet access, a coffee machine, and other work-related necessities;

- A kitchen, compost toilets, solar panels, singing birds, and stunning nature of course!

You can be all by yourself (except for the birds and maybe a few rabbits) or choose to sign up with a group of colleagues. The KantoorKaravaan also offers tailor made facilities for conferences, brainstorming sessions, leadership programmes, workshops and much more...

Go chop some wood!

So, tired of working behind the laptop? Just step out into the wilderness, go hiking, plant a tree, or chop wood for tonight’s campfire. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the nature around you to its full extent.

We can't wait until the KantoorKaravaan is all over The Netherlands. Nature is calling you! WHOOOAAAAH!