Lola Bikes & Coffee

image: Arthur Wieffering

Lola Bikes & Coffee

Since we are in The Hague today to visit TedxBinnenhof we had to make a coffee stop at this great place: Lola Bikes & Coffee. We love bikes. We love coffee. And Lola seems pretty cool too.(No, she's not the guy in the picture).

All bicycle fans (and coffee lovers) should know about this place. These bike lovers from The Hague know where to find treasures from 'bicycle land'.

They sell honest products, made with respect for the people who have produced it. Bicycles made by small companies that work with their heart and soul on a durable product. You can also order a custom made bicycle - with all your crazy special wishes. Now, that's what you call service!

Whilst admiring all the different bicycles you can sip great coffee too (Bocca Coffee) and enjoy a nice piece of cake.


Oh, and two other nice things to know about Lola Bikes & Coffee:

1. Lola Bikes & Coffee also helps you to get fit! Join the 'Lola Cycling Club' and go for a ride with a group of international bike-lovers. Every Wednesday at 7 pm and every Saturday and Sunday at 9 am. Everyone who loves the pedals is welcome. Fast or slow - it's all about the ride.

2. Lola Bikes & Coffee supports Kampala Cycling in Uganda - a super cool initiative for boys and girls who love to cycle but don't have the money for the right bikes and bike equipment. They also started a bicycle courier service and the next step will be a coffee bar in combination with a bike repair shop.

Reason enough to treat your friend once more on a coffee!

Address: Lola Bikes & Coffee, Noordeinde 91, Den Haag.

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