Ceramics by Nina + Co


Ceramics by Nina + Co

Almost time for Easter Breakfast! How about serving it on the beautiful 'Breakfast Collection' by creative studio Nina+Co. A collection of handmade, small scale, batch produced ceramics. Designer Nina produces the collection in London and tries to keep everything local; materials have been sourced carefully, as close as geographically possible. All the packaging she uses is recycled.


The handmade ceramics are durable and will last for generations. (As long as a clumsy relative doesn't break a piece of course).

Designer Nina is also working on two very cool social projects in London:

1. A social enterprise cafe for the homelessness charity, Centrepoint, in London’s Soho.

2. The interior design for Luminary Bakery, which offers opportunities for vulnerable women in East London to build a future for themselves through baking.

And...there are more products in the pipeline to complement the ceramics; household textiles from organically grown, fairtrade cotton printed with eco-friendly water based inks.

We can't wait!