Claudy Jongstra: Ancient Light


Claudy Jongstra: Ancient Light

From 26 March until 8 January 2017 the Fries Museum (Leeuwarden) is hosting the expo: Claudy Jongstra: Ancient Light . It shows the world of Claudy Jongstra; her inspirations and motivations, het intuitive and sustainable creative process and also new work.

Jongstra works wonders wit wool. She is known for her use of natural materials and the large expressive textile works she makes. Oh, and the two coolest things about her;

1. she has her own herd of sheep.

2. her fabrics were used for Jedi costumes in Star Wars Episode 1. STARS WARS!


In her studio in the Frisian village Spannum, Claudy Jongstra experiments with traditional crafts as carding, spinning and weaving. All steps in the production process occur in-house, from the flock of sheep that she shears for their wool, to manufacturing the felt.

For her textile dyeing she uses vegetable dyes extracted from plants such as calendula, camomile and dahlias that she grows in her organic garden. Sustainable production is paramount, and her studio strives to leave the smallest possible footprint, with respect for nature and based on local products and traditional handicrafts.

Jongstra's interest in artisanal production, green materials and sustainable methods, biodiversity and small communities is reflected in the exhibition. A must see!