Fashion guru: Lil Jaunzems (93)

image:  Eva Plevier

Fashion guru: Lil Jaunzems (93)

We have a new fashion guru: The 93 years old Lil Jaunzems from Amsterdam makes bags form windswept umbrellas and apparently they are a hit amongst the youngsters surrounding her.

No rainstorm to big for Lil Jaunzems! After a pouring rain shower she hops on her scooter to stroll the streets for windswept umbrellas. Lil rips the umbrellas on the spot - leaving behind on the stick and stiffelers.

The fabric that she brings home gets washed, cut and ironed to become one of these amazing little bags.

The bags turned out to be such a hit, that she now only makes bags for people who bring their own windswept umbrella. So now you know what we will be doing when the next storm hits us ;-)