Vera de Pont: clothes without stitches


Vera de Pont: clothes without stitches

Vera de Pont has a vision on fashion. Like many young designers, Vera feels the the fashion industry should focus more on sustainability and embrace new technology. She co-wrote a pretty solid manifest on the future of the fashion industry: 'Open Source Fashion Manifesto'. We read it, agreed with it and the fell in love with Vera's graduation project: 'Pop Up' (2015).

With the ravissant 'Pop Up' collection Vera eliminated the time consuming process of sewing. How? By creating cut-out patterns on large pieces of fabric that can be delivered to the wearer on a roll. Enabling consumers to get more involved in the creative process, since all they would have to do is get a pair of scissors and cut out the coat of their liking.

Vera de Pont 3.jpg


O boy, how we would love to get all craftsy on a Vera de Pont original!