RUB The Coffee Scrub


RUB The Coffee Scrub

What better way to enter spring all glowy - with a nicely scrubbed skin. . The organic RUB The Coffee Scrub seems the do just that!


RUB is a 100% organic bodycare product made from the coffee grounds that are left over from the coffee you drink.

It only contains natural and fairtrade ingredients that work wonders on your skin, it targets cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, acne and scarring. Leaving it ultra soft, healthy and glowing. Yes please!

Did you know that caffeine is not just the best 'morning drug' but also has antioxidant properties for your skin? The caffeine increases the blood flow which helps to clear toxins. The ground coffee’s texture work as an exfoliant which removes dead cells and skin, giving new skin cells opportunity to receive proper moisture.

Besides the coffee grounds RUB contain some other very pleasant natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, cinnamon, coconut oil and vitamine E. Want to know everything that's in it? Have a read here.

Not convinced yet? Wake up and smell the coffee!