5x healthy makeup!

image: LaScandal

5x healthy makeup!

Isn't it crazy that most makeup contains chemicals that can actually harm your skin and be bad for your health? Luckily there are more and more great makeup brands to choose from which are healthy for you and actually work. Here's our top 5.

1. Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis doesn't just brighten up your face, it's also deliciously wrapped in eco-friendly refillable boxes. (Douze points!) The founder of the brand, Kirsten, realised how much regular makeup harms the skin after doing several photo shoots as a successful makeup artist. She dove into the world of making makeup to find the 'perfect balance between nature and performance.'

The result is an impressive line of make-up without any nasties. And no secrets involved - all the ingredients are listed on the site, so you finally know what ingredients like 'glycerin' actually mean.

Kirsten's motto: “You want people to notice how great you look, not how great your makeup looks.” Exactly!


2. Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees all started with beekeeper Burt. Burt had some bees wax left over and it turned out to be a pretty great ingredient for lip balm. Bees is a worldwide succes but the brand has stayed loyal to how its roots: making a product with respect for nature and the bees.

Burt's Bees is mainly known for its great skin products, but we had to share the amazing lip shimmer with you. An absolute winner in your makeup bag. And a choice that the bees are totally at ease with bzzzzzzz...


3. Fresh Minerals

We fell in love with the mineral powder line from Fresh Minerals. It gives you an instant glow without feeling (or seeing!) the make-up.

The powder only consists of minerals that are beneficial for the skin and also protect your skin from sunburn. Check the other products too like their eyeshadow. Fresh!


4. Vapour

Ok, this is a super impressive makeup brand. Why? Because they are not just completely non-toxic and cruelty free, but even use solar and wind power, print their wrappings with veggie based ink and reuse or recycle all paper, cardboard, glass, plastic within their company.

Oh and they make award-winning makeup too. We would say triple Strawberryproof!


5. RMS Beauty

When you look in the mirror and you are kind of like 'Do I look like this for real?' Then it's time for an RMS Beauty fix my dear. Talking about subtile flawless foundation - you gotta try the one from RMS Beauty.

Oh and they have other great stuff too like the 'lip2cheek' - a blush and lip balm in one.

All RMS Beauty products are free of harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives, synthetic vitamins and genetically altered ingredients (GMO). What’s in it instead? Healing nutrients that work synergistically with the skin, and are in harmony with nature and our environment.

Yes please!