Pioneers in Fashion at Het Nieuwe Instituut


Pioneers in Fashion at Het Nieuwe Instituut

At the Strawberry Earth HQ we - L O V E - the frontrunners of fashion! Designers that prove that ethics and aesthetics do go hand in hand. On 10 March Het Nieuwe Instituut is hosting a Lecture Night: 'Pioneers in Fashion: Greener and Better'.

The current fashion system is wasteful and polluting. Yet, there are so many inspiring examples of how you can change things for the better. Whether it be local textile production and creative recycling or alternative design methods and new sales forms.

Het Nieuwe Instituut invited fashion designers Conny Groenewegen, Barbara Langendijk, Martijn van Strien and Anna Telcs from Not Just A Label, and producer Annemieke Koster from Enschede Textielstad to share their vision on the future of fashion.


The audience is invited to join the conversation at the end of the evening which hopefully will lead to the climax of the evening: a collective plan of action for a better and more sustainable fashion industry!

When: Thursday 10 March - full programme here

Where: Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

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