Vegan leather from pine trees


Vegan leather from pine trees

Great news for our planet and the animals living on it: alternatives for traditional leather are popping up everywhere! Like: leather from pine trees by Sarmite Polakova.

Designer Sarmite Polakova discovered the leather-like properties of the inner bark from pine trees. Polakova is from Latvia; a country where there are 500 times more pine trees than people living! How great would it be if these abundant trees became a resource for the people surrounding them?

The leather industry is a major cause of deforestation, so we welcome every vegan leather option! (Say hello to the pineapple leather from Pinatex!). Vegan options are not only helping to save trees and cows, the afterlife of the product is also much healthier. After its lifespan, the leather can return to the soil and enrich it again.

So it's fashionable (check out the shoes from Good Guys) AND it's circular. What's not to like?


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