Roetz-Bikes goes electric


Roetz-Bikes goes electric

The Amsterdam based guys from Roetz-Bikes are boosting a bit about their latest baby: 'the Tesla among the bicycles', the Vigour+. And we admit, it's a pretty impressive piece of work!

They call it a 'beauty with brains' because of the innovative way it charges. The battery charges by simply cycling and breaking, the same technique Tesla uses.

341_Roetz Bikes Vigour 16.jpg

And another cool thing about the Vigour+ is that you choose your gear with your phone trough Bluetooth. And the bicycle is nice and light. Usually electric bicycles are pretty heavy, but this one weighs 16 kilo.

The maximum speed is 25 k per hour, not quite as fast a Tesla, but hey, that would be crazy dangerous! We say forget about a scooter - hop on your Vigour+ !

341_Roetz Bikes Vigour 2.jpg