5 Meat alternatives


5 Meat alternatives

Meat. It doesn’t exactly benefits the environment. Around 2500 liters of water is needed to produce one 150-gram hamburger. But! But! But! The taste is so good. We get it. So we asked Wilbert (YFM and eengarde) to present you guys five tasty alternatives.

1 Use piment d’Espelette
This pepper, grown in the Espelette region, comes with a deep and smoky taste. Goes great with veggies and also works well as a seasoner in soup. To create an even more intense flavour, you should pan-roast the pepper. Yum.

2 Get mushrooms
Mushrooms lend themselves to roasting as well. Roasted mushrooms surprisingly taste like meat. They’re even more delicious when slightly cooled and dipped in soy sauce.

3 Get more mushrooms. Seriously!
Now use dried mushrooms. This ingredient is not only great with pasta, it’s also all you need to make some sort of beef broth. Simply pour boiling water over your dried mushrooms and ta da: the base for fleshy soup.

4 Buy a good balsamic vinegar
Yep, the more syrupy the vinegar, the better it is. Sprinkle it on broccoli and put it in the oven: 20 minutes, 220 degrees.

5 Go for ghee
Butter is good, ghee is ghee-reat. Basically, it’s clarified butter, which means it can handle burning hot temperatures and comes with a nutty flavour. Mix a table spoon with cooked rice or prep your veggies with it. Like meat, but better!

Not convinced just yet? Check out this TedX talk by Joël Broekaert.

Illustration: Benjamin Flouw