Two film tips

‘The stars come out every night and we watch television.’ True story. And here we are, telling you which movies you should see instead of enjoying the show outside. But! These movies are about the galaxy we live in, and how we should cherish it. So. You’re allowed to stay in THIS TIME.

Demain / Tomorrow
Filmmakers Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent are trying to solve the ecological, economical and social crises our countries are going through by showing solutions and telling a feel good story. Totally strawberry style!

Cyril and Mélanie are literally traveling the world of solutions. On their trip through ten different countries they met the pioneers who are re-inventing agriculture, energy, economy, democracy and education. All pioneers came up with concrete and positive actions, that are already working. The Detroit urban farming movement for example.

In France it’s already possible to check out Demain in several theatres. People outside Le Douce France can suggest a preview in their local theatre. Err, hello, Amsterdam s.v.p!

We got you the trailer at least.

This is Your Century
Our next tip isn’t really a movie. It’s a short film. A beautiful video based on Paul Hawken’s unforgettable commencement speech from 2009. Paul’s words framed filmmaker Eric Becker’s experiences of traveling the world to tell stories.

Our favourite quote:

“Nature beckons you to be on her side. You couldn’t ask for a better boss. The most unrealistic person in the world is the cynic, not the dreamer. Hope only makes sense when it doesn’t make sense to be hopeful. This is your century. Take it and run as if your life depends on it.”