5 x What to bring on a hike


5 x What to bring on a hike

If you ask us, the best places in the world don't have a roof. YASSS, talking ‘bout the great outdoors here. Going into the wild is adventurous, as the weather conditions and nature itself are always changing. Good thing to be prepared. And you are, because your friends from Strawberry Earth did all the research for you. You’re all set for your next trip.

We suggest you go for a pair of Native hiking boots. Native takes care of all people, all places, all feet and all faces. Their low-emission manufacturing process produces low waste and for their packaging they use recyclable materials. So if you forgot your recycling this week, they’ve got your back JUST THIS ONCE. Oh, and their boots are water resistant, washable, shock absorbent and… beast free, so hopefully you’ll encounter more animals during your trip!


HoodLamb has got your back people! Once wrapped up in a HoodLamb coat even the hardest snow storm is bearable. Made out of organic cotton and cruelty free hemp fur, HoodLamb jackets are a blessing for colder temperatures. Back to that cruelty free fur: it’s quite an innovation. It’s soft and breathable, made using certified organic hemp, PET and acrylic fibers and called… Satifur! Fur that will satisfy you the whole season.


Whether you’re going to climb mountains or the Eifeltower, exploring forests or the supermarket, make sure to bring one of Fjällrävens backpacks and you’ll be allright. Our favourite is the Kånken backpack, designed in 1978 to support a healthy spine. Ever since, Kånken is going strong. Maybe because durability is so important to Fjällräven, they like to produce their products in a way that looks like camping: without leaving trash to the next folks.


Water bottle
On every trip it’s important to stay hydrated. H2O wherever you go! Naming one single brand is hard here, since there are more and more stylish BPA-free bottles on the market. So we picked two brands! The first one is Earthlust. Their sturdy stainless steel bottles come in limited editions designs. Another favourite is the Dopper Steel, which offers you two ways of enjoying your water: straight from the bottle or by using the upper part as a cup.


The finishing touch: sunglasses! Again: so many cool labels. We recently bumped into the collection of Hemp Eyewear, which is all kinds of awesome. We also like the pairs of TWO-O. These sunglasses are tres unique because of its wood grains. Next to hemp and wood, there are sunglasses made of HAIR. Yes folks, check out these sunnies by Studio Swine. But, we have more tips, so expect an article on eyewear soon.